Square Reports

Square Reports

NFC and EMV: The top pain point in the payment experience—and how to fix it.

This report covers Square's recent survey findings on:

  • Today's top consumer painpoints during the checkout expierence

  • How sentiment around chip cards is affecting consumer purchasing behavior, namely in millenials

  • The consumer and businesses benefits of accepting NFC and Contactless payment methods

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Consumer Report Highlights

Get in the know about how consumer behavior is shifting when it comes to the shopping experience. 


Survey Findings: A Deep Dive

Find out what frustrates consumers about today's checkout experience and what makes them happy enough to tip more. 

The Safest Way to Pay

What did consumers say were the two most important factors in influencing their checkout experience? 

Key Takeaways for SMBs

If you haven't enabled your business to accept EMV and NFC payment methods yet, read this report. 

Take a look inside this e-book.

Get this Consumer Trend Report

Square conducted a survey to gauge consumer sentiment toward new payment technologies like EMV (chips cards) and NFC (Apple and Android Pay) and the results are in; get them here.  

Consumer Shopping Trends by the Numbers 

Get the data-driven down-low on what's most important to consumers during the checkout experience and what it means for businesses. 

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We built our new chip and NFC reader so every business in the neighborhood could accept Apple Pay and chip cards—because we believe everyone deserves faster, more secure transactions.


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Set up in seconds.

The Square contactless and chip reader connects to your device wirelessly—all you need is a compatible iOS or Android device. It also works with Square Stand; plug it into the hardware hub for instant setup.

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Getting started with the Square Contactless and Chip Reader

Unboxing and Charging the Reader
Connecting the Reader via Bluetooth
Connecting the Reader to Square Stand
Accepting Chip Card Payments with the Reader
Accepting Contactless Payments with the Reader

Tech specs

Molded plastic
Height: 0.4 inches
Width: 2.6 inches
Depth: 2.6 inches
56 grams
Supported devices
Compatible iOS and Android devices
Payment types
Apple Pay
Android Pay
Samsung Pay
EMV chip cards
NFC cards
Power modes
Charge the battery and connect wirelessly, or plug it into the Square Stand USB hub.

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